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    Accelerated Market Access

    Rapid access to local markets with the right partners and connections

    Sales & Marketing Support

    Execute strategic and tactical sales and marketing campaigns locally

    Growth Funding

    Tap local traditional, venture and private equity funding sources

    Build Teams

    Assist in building local and expatriate teams

    Tech Stack Localisation

    Full-stack localisation with native customer service support

    Regulatory Compliance

    Navigate local legal and regulatory compliance with our shared-services

    About Xccelerator Asia's "Net Zero Asia" Programme

    Equipping Global Climate Tech Companies for Asian Markets Deployment & Scaleup

    Asia, a geographically vast and diversified landscape, overlaid with multiple currencies, political and legal systems, population bases, differing income levels, ethnicities and religions, provides complex challenges for companies looking to sell their products and services into Asia.

    Adding to Asia's cultural diversity are the shifting economic, infrastructural and demographic structures which creates unique challenges for new market entrants seeking to expand into Asia, especially those operating in the climate tech sector, who need to navigate and overcome fragmented routes of access to customers in a very focused way.

    In the intensely competitive Asian market, the strategies companies adopt to develop and align routes-to-market are essential to ensure that the perfect balance between customer needs, revenue growth, service excellence and the cost-to-serve are flexible enough to adapt to changing strategic goals and competitive threats.

    Xccelerator Asia's "Net Zero Asia Programme" equips climate tech companies seeking to enter Asian markets with key local routes-to-market services.

    Strong Asian Presence

    We make expansion into Asian markets frictionless

    Xccelerator Asia’s regional hubs are located in China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand.

    These strategically located regional offices enable us to extend our geographical area of operations from North-Asia, through Indochina, South-East Asia and into Australasia.

    Xccelerator Asia’s significant Pan-Asian footprint, which combines local knowledge with a corporate presence, enables us to offer companies a complete solution to transact and conduct business in these fast-growing markets.

    Leveraging on established relationships and local knowledge to determine the right channel strategies that meet the needs of customers in each Asian market, Xccelerator Asia is able to equip companies to seamlessly navigate the proliferation of channels for connecting, engaging and selling to clients, customers and end-users.

    As a regional expert, our extensive network, robust understanding of diverse customer expectations, government regulations and other non-commercial requirements, enables us to build scalable and cost-effective routes-to-market strategies and solutions.

    Being on the spot in local markets, close to customers, enables Xccelerator Asia to anticipate, prepare and react with agility and speed to changes and new developments.

    Established Track Record

    Cross-functional, strategic, Pan-Asian partner

    Xccelerator Asia serves as a cross-functional, strategic, Pan-Asian partner with its key adaptive routes-to-market service offering.

    Capitalising on proprietary knowledge, patented technologies and industry expertise, Xccelerator Asia’s adaptive routes-to-market technologies delivers seamless, efficient, robust solutions across multiple channels and geographies.

    One of Xccelerator Asia’s core values is the ceaseless drive to create new technologies that deliver solutions to meet changing market trends.

    Xccelerator Asia’s technologies and solutions create a dynamic impact because they redefine the demand and supply equation - with the customer placed at the centre.

    By preemptively building new capabilities, reinventing successful business models and reallocating resources to optimise new opportunities, Xccelerator Asia enables its customers to optimise organisational capacity, adapt to changing markets, improve predictability and increase market share.

    Functional Excellence

    Achieving customer's strategic objectives

    Xccelerator Asia’s ability to successfully navigate and operate in Asia’s diverse markets lies in its functional excellence.

    In many Asian markets, strategies are developed based on local market characteristics, geographies and limitations.

    Leveraging on state-of-the-art technology platforms and service management tools, Xccelerator Asia combines extensive industry and local knowledge to deliver structured service capabilities.

    Xccelerator Asia’s integrated operations planning process for key markets and functional excellence ensure customer\s strategic objectives are achieved.

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